• What Will It Cost Me?

    Pricing at Call Connect Virtual Solutions is all about choice. We have a choice of pricing packages based on what works for your business and your budget.

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    We Believe in Flexibility

    There are two options when it comes to pricing our service.


    We offer a PAYG option where you pay for the service that you use at the end of each month, whether it is the number of minutes spent answering calls, or number of hours used to do your admin tasks.


    This option is convenient if you are using our service part time or every now and again, e.g. holiday cover.

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    Customised Monthly Packages

    Your package is personalised based on the specific tasks you want us to handle. Whether it's call management, appointment scheduling, reservation coordination, payment
    processing, lead outreach, DNA follow-ups, transcription, typing patient notes, or post-appointment wellness checks – our pricing is not task-specific.


    Mix and match tasks according to your needs. Essentially, you're paying for the time element, and how you allocate that time is entirely up to you.